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Expat Health Insurance

The Latest from Israel: Autonomous Expat Insurance

Its population is just 8.5 million and it's around the same size as New Jersey, but over the past few decades, Israel has become a high-tech start-up powerhouse.

Israeli innovation is a role model for the entire world and has attracted many global corporations over the years including Intel, Microsoft, Apple, Google, IBM, SAP, Amazon and many more – all have opened innovation centers in Israel.

Many Israeli startups are truly changing the world and our lives in a wide range of fields, with innovations such as: Disk-on-Key (AKA flash drive), Drip irrigation, Cherry tomato, Waze navigation app, iRobot, BabySense, Mobileye vehicle safety products, and also medical inventions such as: PillCam - a miniature camera in a pill for intestinal visualization, and Copaxone - the world’s top-selling drug for treating multiple sclerosis.

Now another Israeli innovator is pushing the envelope – DavidShield.

DavidShield launched its operation in Israel in 1999, and has gained a leading position in the expatriate health insurance field, with offices in Europe, North America, Australia and Israel.

The company developed an innovative, health insurance product that offers an easy-to-use digital interface and a simplified customer journey, unlike any other in the industry.

DavidShield recognized a growing demand for personalized services and smooth user experiences, that will upgrade the traditional insurance, where faxing information and waiting for weeks for your claim to be processed was perfectly acceptable.

Paying out-of-pocket, saving multiple receipts or submitting claims for reimbursements are now a thing of the past.

DavidShield's revolutionary solution, also known as the Autonomous Insurance, allows members to access medical services in over 150 countries worldwide and receive prepaid funds for medical needs, by loading their DavidCard using their mobile app.

The app also offers members a ranking based search engine of medical service providers across the globe, created using Big-Data and analytics tools.

This unique, hassle-free healthcare experience gives Davidshield members full autonomy in making informed healthcare decisions based on social review and rating, while enjoying a cashless and borderless access to medical services.

No one is really sure what Israel's secret ingredient is, but it seems like DavidShield is using the same recipe!

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